SIAP Textile at a glance

Disipline and Integrity is the basis of our way of life to conduct our business, Respect is how we respond to the stakeholders, Strive for Excellence and Continuous Innovation is our responsible to our customer

Sukses Investa Anugrah Propertindo

Established in 2017, with decades of experience in fashion and textile industry, SIAP Textile takes place to fulfill the needs of dyeing industry in Indonesia. Over the past few years, SIAP Textile has progressively transformed into a professional polyester dyeing industry. We provide range of greige selection and processing into finished good that suits your needs. Today SIAP Textile has become a leading player in textile industry with production capacity over 120.000.000 meters annually. Combining excellent fabrics and vibrant colour, SIAP Textile produces the best value for our customers


  • Your Best Textile Solutions Company 


  • to provide a valuable and complete range of textiles to the market 
  • to continuously improve human resources, processes and technology
  • to contribute to the welfare of the society and environment in a sustainable manner
  • to continuously improve stakeholder's value

Core Values

  • Strive for Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Advance

  • Proffesional

Our Facilities

Reliable Manufacturer

We are using a reliable range of machines for productions with highly qualified human resources

Productive Workplace

We are constantly improving to provide a conducive work environment and to improve the knowledge and skills of our people


Processing stages are managed with tight monitoring and controlling by ERP system

Time Management

Good time management makes the production more efficients!


Equipped with newest program and technology

Waste Management

Standart Quality of waste management as set by the Government

Quality Assurance

Best quality fabrics is our priority

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